15 October – 13 November 2011
“The psycological portrait"

“The Carlo Bonatto Minella Art Prize was created to foster the creativity and the work of young artists. The human and artistic path of this student of the Albertina Academy of Arts of Turin, forgotten for many years, is revived today as a moment of meditation to understand and try to express confidence in the new generations, in a perspective of continuity but also of renewal with an attention to the meanings and techniques. The collaboration of institutions and associations reinforces the initiative with a strong desire for openness to dialogue, in the belief that the talent, commitment and application of Carlo Bonatto Minella can be rethought and shared. It’s a privilege for those who presides over a cultural association to work with such a project, which, through the extraordinary figure of this young artist, creates a contact between generations and different environments leading to difficult comparisons in a moment of reflection on contemporary art ”. Karin Reisovà Chiono – President cultural association Areacreativa42

“The collaboration of the Albertina Academy of Arts of Turin in this case arises in a work of synergies between the old prestigious Institute of High Culture, the City and the Canavese through the Cultural Association Areacreativa42, in the exhibition space of Casa Toesca. The occasion was the establishment of the award in memory of Carlo Bonatto Minella: two of this gifted student works are on permanent display in the Gallery of the Academy itself to testify his value. The events that stem force to a reflection on the ability to innovate and engage with both the past and the present, looking to the future. ” Guido Curto – Director Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti of Turin

“His works are, in the view of the post-unification period in Turin, examples of the training period of a young artist who moves between past and present, sensitive to the distances and the “different”, watchful of human nature and its changes. Carlo Bonatto Minella leaves haunting questions about what he could have still painted in his unfinished artistic research, but also an extraordinary example of love for life and art”. Rosella Grassi – Director of Library Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti of Turin