October 2015– March 2016
“Spaces: inside and outside the limits"

A great success for the third edition of  the Art Prize CBM which took place between Rivarolo, Turin, Prague and London, with the participation of 1,174 artists from 46 countries of the world. At the award ceremony on Saturday 17 October 2015 we were honored by artists coming from Colombia, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, China, Belarus and Italy, authors of works of high quality and innovative artistic research.

The award, organised by Areacreativa42, independent reality outside Turin, was held in an atmosphere of positive cultural exchange, fundamental objective for Areacreativa42 that strongly believes in this project, he sees growth Edition edition with a strong international interest.

The award was organised in six exhibition venues in Italy and abroad (Areacreativa42, Villa Vallero, Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, Christine Park Gallery in London, Art Salons S Prague, NoD Gallery Prague, the Italian Cultural Center Prague).

After the Italian stages, 1 to 19 December at Christine Park in the heart of London and from 15 January to 14 February at the Art Salon S Gallery located in the famous Dancing House architect Frank Gehry, and the NoD Gallery, both in the center of Prague, who hosted the works of 18 artists and art videos. Then the Prague Italian Culture Center hosted the exhibition of the artist Gloria Recanatini, special mention of the Director of the Institute of Culture.

The catalog was published by Silvana Editoriale, with critical texts in 3 languages, including that of artistic director Antonio D’Amico.

The activity of support for the selected artists continues with artist residencies in Areacreativa42 and through the creation of a network that can support their path.

To view the works of the finalists and of the winners please follow the links:

Over 30                         Under 30                        Video art